Outgoing State Secretary expresses concerns over PVV electoral victory and affirms commitment to positive outcomes

THE HAGUE - "The recent electoral victory of Geert Wilders' PVV, a party with little regard for the islands, has raised concerns," stated the outgoing State Secretary for Kingdom Relations, Alexandra van Huffelen, during a recent digital press meeting with the Caribbean islands. 

Expressing apprehension about the PVV's election program, which includes a demand to retract apologies for the slavery past, Van Huffelen remarked, "I don't think it's very likely to happen, as it will undoubtedly not garner a majority." 

There are further instances indicating the PVV's lack of affinity for the Kingdom's part on this side of the ocean. Van Huffelen cited an episode during the last budget debate when the PVV representative proposed putting the islands up for sale on an online marketplace. "It's a ridiculous proposal in any case, but at the same time, it's entirely impossible. However, it does say something about the tone." 

Predicting the exact consequences of the election results for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom is challenging for Van Huffelen. As the PVV has become the largest party by far, it is now in the lead. The first step is for the appointed explorer to determine which parties might want to cooperate and which coalitions are theoretically possible. 

"I assume that the formation of a new cabinet could take several months," expressed Van Huffelen, based on, among other things, the statement by VVD leader Dilan Yeşilgöz that her party does not want to be part of a new cabinet but is open to becoming a tolerated partner in a right-wing coalition. 

In the time remaining for her as the outgoing State Secretary for Kingdom Relations, Van Huffelen is determined to put her best foot forward to achieve many positive things. 

The question of whether a new government can reconsider already made agreements has a twofold answer. On the one hand, the principle is 'an agreement is an agreement.' Van Huffelen explained that agreements are made between two parties and cannot be changed easily. On the other hand, she noted that a new government might want to make new agreements with the islands.