Opposition wants urgent parliamentary debate on letter Minister of Health

WILLEMSTAD - Opposition parties PAR and MAN requested President Charetti AmericaFrancisca to call the MPs for an emergency meeting in which Minister Dorothy Pietersz-Janga of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN) will account for the instruction she has given to the liquidators of the BZV Foundation.

The party members of PAR and MAN believe that the GMN minister is crossing the line by interfering with 'a civil investigation into embezzlement of, according to the Court, at least 4.4 million guilders'. “In this way, the minister gives 4.4 million of the Curaçao population as a gift to the people who have stolen this money. Why?” said the opposition members in their letter to the President of Parliament.

"The minister respects neither the law nor the principle of the trias politica," says MAN MP and former Minister of Economic Development Giselle Mc William. “This is a slap in the face of our people.” Mc William sees it as a favor to the ruling party MFK. “The party wants to accommodate friends and family while the case is still on appeal. The minister must come to parliament and be accountable," said Mc William.

In an interlocutory judgment of August 24 this year, the Joint Court of Justice ruled that "it is contrary to the statutes and good governance legislation that Abdalah and Yarzagaray serve the interest of the (then) Minister of Health Jacinta Constancia". Former MFK minister Jacinta Constancia has been criminally convicted because of the order and payment of 40,000 face masks that were never delivered.


The current Minister of Health Pietersz-Janga is of the same party and asks the liquidators to 'fully and unconditionally withdraw and lift' the claims and conservatory attachments against ex-directors Ali Abdalah and Milton Yarzagaray and Henry Jourdain and his office, on behalf of the foundation and to waive any sentencing that may be derived from the judgment and to terminate any pending proceedings.

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