Opposition parties unhappy with Oryx plans

WILLEMSTAD - Several opposition parties in the States have expressed dissatisfaction with the new plans for the refinery and the agreement reached with the Oryx Group. 

The combined party MAN-PIN and KEM party leader Michelangelo Martines have accused the Pisas cabinet of deceiving the public. Martines questioned the necessity of immediately signing a thirty-year contract. He further criticized the government's decision to commit to a company that, according to him, will not refine crude oil or create jobs, but will instead hinder the country's development over the next three decades. 

In a statement, Martines claimed that the population is being misled and argued that dismantling the refinery is the only viable solution. 

In contrast, the Isla unions have welcomed the agreement. Apri and PWFC unions believe that the contract offers an opportunity to facilitate a smooth transition for workers. 

The government formalized the thirty-year contract with the Oryx Group on July 1.