No production ceiling for medical specialists

WILLEMSTAD - The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) says in a statement that there is no production ceiling for independent medical specialists this year. This is due to the judge's ruling on August 9.

The case was brought by pulmonologist Earl Esseboom and cardiologist Arthur Liqui Lung. The judge on the merits ruled that there is no legal basis for establishing a production ceiling and that the decisions of 20 and 22 May 2020 for the two specialists had to be annulled. Based on this ruling, the SVB has decided not to apply the measure this year, director Philip Martis reports.

The SVB has responded to a decision by urologist Willem Isa, one of the specialists not employed by the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), to move all appointments from October 1 to next year. In an advertisement, Isa announced that she had reached the production ceiling imposed by the SVB. Only urgent treatments and appointments would continue. This is not necessary, reports the SVB management. Someone who is insured for medical costs through the basic health insurance (BVZ) can receive specialist care without hindrance. In the case of urology, specific free access applies to the independent specialist, including the three urologists employed by the CMC.


Martis did not answer questions related to urologist Isa's decision and said he would respond next week. Based on the production ceiling, the independent medical specialists would receive compensation between 500,000 and 750,000 guilders. According to Allan Henriquez, gynecologist, chairman of the Association of Medical Specialists Curaçao (VMSC), about twenty to 25 percent lower than the average annual production or turnover of a practice.

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