Motion adopted in Dutch Parliament: Curacao must comply with international rules for the protection of refugees

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - A large majority in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament is of the opinion that the Dutch Cabinet should strongly urge the Curacao government to adhere to international rules for the protection of migrants/refugees.

To this end, The Chamber today adopted a motion submitted by Nico Drost (ChristenUnie) with only the VVD and PVV votes against. Drost states that an individual assessment must always take place before a migrant can be sent back. His motion was as follows:

"The Chamber, having heard the deliberation, noted that various human rights organizations criticize the deportation of Venezuelan refugees recognized by the UNHCR by Curacao; whereas, with the deportation of refugees to Venezuela, Curacao must act in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights signed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands; request the government to insist on Curacao that an individual review always takes place in accordance with international regulations before persons requesting protection are sent back to Venezuela, and the aliens chain acts in accordance with international standards applicable to Curacao, and proceeds to the order of the day."

The motion of Nevin Ozutik (GroenLinks) in which the cabinet is asked to consult with the governments of Curacao and Aruba how the Netherlands can contribute in the support for the reception of Venezuelans by strengthening the socio-economic infrastructure on the islands was not approved by a majority of the Chamber. The Government parties also rejected it. Undersecretary Raymond Knops had declared the motion superfluous because the consultations being requested are already being held. The motion was as follows:

"The Chamber, heard and deliberated, whereas the countries Curacao and Aruba lack a socio-economic infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of Venezuelan refugees, with consequences for local support for the reception of and assistance to this vulnerable group; asks the government to consult with Curacao and Aruba on how to contribute to the strengthening of the socio-economic infrastructure, and to inform the Chamber about this, and proceeds to the order of the day."

A third motion, submitted by the PVV members Machiel de Graaf and Sietse Fritsma, did not make it: “The Chamber, having heard the deliberation, noted the flight of Venezuelans to Curacao and Aruba, among others; whereas the responsibility of Curacao, Aruba and other countries in the region; believes that the Netherlands should not include Venezuelans as a result of a possible Caribbean crisis route; asks the government not to grant any Venezuelan residence status, and goes on with the order of the day.” Only the PVV and Forum for Democracy voted in favor.

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