More detailed precaution measures to fight coronavirus in Curaçao

1. Incoming flights: - All commercial flights are canceled with the exception of flights carrying local residents in the possession of a valid return ticket Residents from Curacao who are currently in Holland and in the position of a valid ticket but not a valid sédula, should fill in the following link at least 48 hours in advance

- Exceptions are some authorized specialists, freight and medical services between the sister Islands

- All returning residents are obliged to spend 14 days in quarantine

2. Flights leaving: - Only non-residents are allowed to travel

3. Maritime traffic: - All maritime traffic is prohibited to enter our country with the exception of certain cases such as the transportation of fuel, ships for repair, freight, etc. The local authorities have been informed of this list.

4. All public, social, cultural, sport, and religious activities are cancelled till further notice. All permits for events that have previously been issued are hereby recalled.

- In the case of funerals, only family is allowed to attend, bearing in mind that an amount of no more than 10 persons are allowed in the same space at a time.

5. With reference to work: - Work as much as possible from home, under the condition that this is in consultation with the direct head of department.

- People working in critical functions such as public order, public hygiene and care, must consult with their superiors.

6. Everyone must stay home as much as possible with the exception of and maintaining the 2-meter distance rule for:

- People in critical functions

- Shopping for food at supermarkets

- Going to the bank and insurance companies

- Visiting propane gas refill stations

- Walking in nature

- Going to the beach

- Visiting gas stations

- Visiting drug stores Schools, universities and child day-care facilities are closed. 

7. Restaurants and snack bars are requested to make food delivery or attend clients on a basis of take-out and leave. If this is not possible then the business must remain closed. More details will follow.

8. Visiting senior care homes is not allowed until further notice.

9. When using Public transportation please adhere to the 2 meter distance rule and the rules for hygiene.

10. Under instructions of the Prime Minister, there could be exceptions to all rules, after evaluation.

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