Kingdom will not be present during inauguration Venezuelan President

THE HAGUE – The European Union Council of Foreign Affairs announced last month that it does not recognize the Venezuelan elections of May 20 and for that reason none of its members will be present during the swearing in ceremony.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, after consulting with the Prime Ministers of Aruba and Curaçao, announced that he supported the decision of the European Union Council and that the Dutch Kingdom will not send any representative to Venezuela today for the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro for a second term as President of Venezuela.

But Minister Blok also stressed that the interests of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom should be looked after since Venezuela is one of the most important economic partners of the islands. Blok stated that there should be a balanced response to the election results and inauguration of President Maduro.

According to the ministry, however, the Dutch ambassador in Venezuela will not be present.

Photo: Minister of Foreign Affairs

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