Increase in tax declarations to process, minister urges swift completion

WILLEMSTAD - Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, informs that the processing of tax declarations for 2022 is still high. The quantity is also increasing due to new declarations coming in. Silvania has decided that these tasks need to be completed as soon as possible and no later than the end of this year. He communicated this in writing last Thursday to the Tax Inspection. 

The Minister sent a letter with instructions on October 24th, and now expects to receive a modified plan no later than today November 21st. The Head of the Tax Inspection, Jamilia Isenia, will need to indicate how they plan to complete all pending work, including from previous years, during the remainder of this year. 

The process of issuing tax assessments (ADAF) should take place no later than November 17th, and the refunds should be ready by December 22nd. In addition, Silvania wishes to receive an updated production summary every Thursday, along with a detailed plan for the coming weeks. This should include all additional actions that Jamilia Isenia takes to monitor production and take measures to meet the year-end deadline. 

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