Government and board sports field Barber in error with subsidy

WILLEMSTAD - It is finally clear what happened to the subsidy for the Barber sports field. For a long time, former minister of the coalition party PAR, David Dick was accused of stealing the nearly one million guilders.

An investigation performed by SOAB into subsidy funds now provides clarity, says Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé. The report shows that the sports field is owned by the government. No subsidy application should have been made and the government should not have granted this subsidy.

That does not exonerate David Dick and the board of which he is a member. Not the government either. They acted wrong at the time. The report does show that the subsidy is well spent, the minister says.

The minister was not able to comment whether there will be consequences for the parties involved.

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