Gasoline price sharply up due to refinery closure

WILLEMSTAD - The substantial increase in the price of gasoline and diesel is the result of the closure of the refinery. At the beginning of this year, part of the infrastructure at the refinery was taken into use to continue the supply fuel in Curaçao.

Fuel supply

To cover the costs for the first half of 2020, a tariff component "fuel supply guarantee" was added in March.

Those costs were then spread over a four-year period. But with the operation of the refinery halted since July, the use of this infrastructure will have to continue, according to Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BTP) which regulates the fuel prices.

However, there is insufficient funding for four years, which is why the costs will now be passed on immediately. Hence the sharp increase.

For a liter of gasoline, consumers must pay more than 1.84 starting Tuesday, about 8.5 cents more than now. Diesel costs a dime a liter more and comes to just over 1.46.

In the first scale, electricity goes up to 250 kilowatt hours from almost 53 cents to almost 56 cents per kilowatt hour. In the most expensive rate group consumers pay almost 71 cents, also almost three cents more.

Water still costs 7.75 guilders per cubic meter in the first scale to 9 cubic meters. That will be 8.04 from Saturday, an increase of 29 cents. If consumers consume more than 20 cubic meters per month, they will no longer pay 16.82 for the last 8 cubic meters, but 17.10 guilders per 1000 liters.

Propane cylinders are also going up in price. A large cylinder now costs 60 guilders, starting Saturday it is 70 guilders.

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