Founder Klesch Group meets with Prime Minister Rhuggenaath

WILLEMSTAD - After Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath visited the Heide refinery of the Klesch Group in Germany last Friday, it was now the turn of the founder of the Klesch Group - Gary Klesch - to visit Curaçao.


The Klesch Group is the preferred partner of Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) for taking over the Isla refinery after 2019. Last week representatives of the Klesch Group were already in Curaçao and now Gary Klesch himself is in Curaçao this week due to meet different people under the supervision of the Program Management Organization (PMO). He also had a conversation with the Prime Minister and representatives of RdK and the PMO yesterday morning.

Rhuggenaath's visit to the Heide refinery last Friday left a good impression on the Prime Minister, as he announced on his social media. This was also discussed during the interview with Klesch yesterday morning. The Prime Minister also emphasized that the Klesch Group can count on the dedication and involvement of the government of Curaçao.

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