Dutch MP Ozutok: Too much money to stop Venezuelans, too little to improve the reception

THE HAGUE - Member of the Dutch Parliament Nevin Ozutok (GroenLinks) believes that the distribution of the 23.8 million euros that the Netherlands contributes to the consequences of the influx of Venezuelan migrants / refugees for Curacao and Aruba is not balanced.

Written questions that he addressed to the undersecretaries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymon Knops and Justice and Security Ankie Broekers-Knol show that the MP is of the opinion that too much of the money is earmarked for stopping migrants and not enough for improving their stay on the islands. Amnesty International also finds the distribution of the Dutch contribution unbalanced.

1 Do you know that Human Rights Caribbean is very disappointed with the spending of 23.8 million euros that the Netherlands makes available to Curacao and Aruba for the reception of Venezuelan migrants?

2 Is it true that just about the entire amount is earmarked for stopping and detaining Venezuelan migrants? If not, can you indicate what the available amount is being spent on? How much of the amount made available goes to the strengthening of the asylum procedure and the improvement of reception facilities?

3 What do you think of Human Rights Caribbean's plea to make part of the budget available for the fair and decent treatment of Venezuelan refugees and to enable them to meet their minimum needs?

4 Are you willing to have a substantial part of the amount made available go to the improvement of the asylum procedure and reception? If not, why not?

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