Curfew is from 9pm until 4:30 starting March 15

WILLEMSTAD - Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath announced today during a special press conference that the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus will be scaled up. One of the measures is that the curfew will start at 9 a.m. starting tomorrow. It ends at 4:30 am.

Catering establishments must close at 8 am. Alcohol may only be served to people sitting at a table. Customers may sit in a closed catering establishment for just over 2 hours.

Curbside pickup takes effect for truk di pan (BBQ stands). Customers are no longer allowed to stand in front of those BBQ stands.

Employers are called upon to let employees work from home. Rhuggenaath calls on all citizens to observe the general rules. “Do not gather in large groups. Always keep your distance, including at home, with family, in stores, etc.”

The new measures are designed to deal with the threat called Covid-19. It has been a year since the first case of corona was diagnosed on the island. Rhuggenaath thanked everyone for their cooperation. This means the government, emergency services, employers, as well as the entire population.

Rhuggenaath also says he is tired of upscaling and scaling down measures. Unfortunately, the numbers say it is necessary. Even though the government is transparent, there are people who adhere to a conspiracy theory. The government has no intention of canceling or suspending the elections.

The Premier also stated that every citizen is free to take the vaccine or not. Rhuggenaath emphasizes that the vaccine will be able to offer the island opportunities again. “We can then give each other a hug, go to sports matches, allow tourists to visit, etc. There is no hidden agenda.” The Premier hopes this is clear. The government wants to protect lives and to allow normal life to continue as much as possible.

Until now, people over 60 and care workers have been vaccinated. That group will be expanded tomorrow with the chronically ill. 8,500 people have now been vaccinated. 22,000 appointments have now been made for people who want to be vaccinated.

There are people who register, but do not show up. Rhuggenaath calls on everyone in the target group to register and be vaccinated. There will be more injection centers so that more people can be vaccinated.

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