Curaçao wants to open borders with Aruba and Bonaire quickly

WILLEMSTAD - Minister Zita Jesus-Leito of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning wants to reopen the borders between Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba in the short term. According to the minister, this will not yet go according to the "normal flight schedule", but as needed.

There is also the possibility that a PCR test will have to be taken prior to traveling between the islands. Even if the borders reopen, according to Jesus-Leito, there will be constant discussions about the risks with the other islands.

Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna of Bonaire indicated during a press conference yesterday that he wanted to reopen the borders with other islands in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom in the short term. Curaçao has the greatest priority in this respect, according to Rijna.


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