Curaçao deports dozens of Venezuelans, lawyers angry

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao has deported dozens of Venezuelans. According to immigration lawyers, three buses with undocumented foreigners were taken to the airport to be put on a plane to Venezuela. According to sources, it concerns more than a hundred Venezuelans.

A lawyers' collective tried to prevent the eviction of the people by instituting an emergency appeal at the local court. That case was ultimately not dealt with, according to human rights lawyers because the judge could not give a ruling in the short term. The lawyers speak of collective eviction, the authorities contradict that.

“There are a lot of people who said they need protection. However, that investigation never took place, "says lawyer Maya Elzinga-Soumah. "People immediately received a deportation decision."


This is a group of people who have appeared on the radar for the past two weeks. It is mainly undocumented migrants who have been arrested and placed in detention. Elzinga-Soumah says that there are also minors.

"We could not obtain crucial information because we were structurally unable to enter the barracks," said the lawyer. “That had to do with a lack of staff, something different was going on every time. As a result, we had no idea who was detained. ”The lawyers' collective wants to refer the case to the European Court of Human Rights again. Earlier they also asked for it.

According to Minister Girigorie of Justice, the usual course has been followed according to all legal regulations. “This procedure has passed the judicial test in the past. There is no question of collective expulsion. Every undocumented person has been heard. This too has already been tested by the courts in the past. "

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