Curaçao asks Defense for assistance during storm

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao has asked the Dutch military to provide assistance during the tropical wave that will pass over the island tonight. The storm is expected to cause heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. The assistance will be provided from Thursday at 7 pm to Friday evening at 7 pm.  


A Defense spokesman told the Dutch news site that the assistance includes so-called 'soft military assistance' by providing transport and standby emergency aid. The tropical wave can cause flooding and impassable roads and the Ministry of Defense has vehicles that can drive in difficult areas.  


Defense: "During the tropical depression Bonnie, it turned out that due to heavy rainfall, various locations in Curaçao were not accessible with normal vehicles. In these kinds of situations, the Defense organization can provide support to the Curacao Police Force in difficult areas. In addition, the Defense organization has even more heavy equipment. in the case of acute emergency aid which may come in handy."  


The spokesman says that the deployment of military personnel and equipment will for the time being be limited to the use of so-called Anacondas. This will allow the police to be transported to places with flooding.  

Last weekend, Defense provided assistance on the Windward Islands during storm Fiona. This involved military assistance by supporting police transport. 

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