CPA, KTK and CPO are audited by Lloyds and renew their ISO certificate

WILLEMSTAD - Recently the Lloyds company carried out an audit according to the latest standards 9001 i 14001 at Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) and its subsidiaries Kompania di Tou Kòrsou (KTK) and Curaçao Pilots Organization (CPO) with regard to the Quality and Environment policy.

Once again all three companies passed the audit successfully and as a result renewed their 9001 certificate for a period of 3 years and retained their 14001 certificate.

This shows the determination of these companies to constantly improve their services to their customers and to deal with our environment in a correct way. From January 2002, these port companies received the 9001 Quality Certificate for the first time and in 2015 the 14001 Environmental Certificate.

Each year they successfully undergo the ISO audit and then they receive and keep their certificates every year.

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