COVID-19 update: 389 tested; Dr. Gerstenbluth explains test method

WILLEMSTAD - During the daily briefing, epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth announced that up until now 389 people were tested. Curaçao’s confirmed cases remain at 16. Of these 14 have already recovered, 1 remains in the hospital and 1 (the first corona case on the island) has passed away.

The doctor then proceeded to explain the test method. “People think that we test little and that more people may be infected. This is the reason why we waited: if many people were infected, we would see more people in the hospital. We would also see more sick people. But that is not the case, there are few people with complaints. You can conduct a lot of tests, but a test is negative or unclear if the person does not have symptoms.”

The doctor also indicated that all normal colds / flu etc. have reduced and that makes sense because people can infect each other minimally. Infectious diseases are reduced anyway. This is also proof that this lockdown has worked.

“Of the 389 people, 16 people tested positive. 5 percent and that is positive. We did not see an increase during the easing of the measures either, but there may still be infections that are unknown, so keep it in mind. If you do not have to leave, stay home, be careful.

It is especially important for people in the risk group. “If you want to visit the hospital or the elderly in a care home, think carefully about this because these people are in the risk group. Hospitals therefore also keep special rules regarding visiting hours.

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