Casino owners dissatisfied with decision to close

WILLEMSTAD - Casino owners in Curaçao are very unhappy with the government's decision to immediately close all casinos on the island in order to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections.

The casino owners say that before the new COVID-19 measures were presented, the government had consultations with various sectors, including the hospitality industry. However, they had to be told through the press that they must close. That has caused a lot of bad blood.

The casino owners point out that the government does not provide proof that the infections are also spread through casinos. That argument is also put forward by the association of restaurants in Curaçao.

Until now, according to the casinos, they have always adhered to the rules, among other things by reducing the number of allowed players, making face masks mandatory and using only half of the slot machines.

They do not understand that people are still allowed to go to the cinema with a mask or to a service in the church, but casinos in turn must close their doors. The owners want to discuss this with the government.

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