Aruba receives 4,000 travellers, mostly from the US; Curaçao maintains borders open for the time being

ORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD - Aruba expects 4,000 passengers this weekend. Most of these travellers are from the United States.

According to the Caribbean Network, travellers from all over the United States are welcome even though it was previously stated that the border would remain closed to states with high levels of contamination.

Tomorrow, travellers from Florida are expected while the state has registered a record number of infections this week. These travellers must do a test in advance.

According to Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, Curaçao is at no greater risk than yesterday. The epidemiologist thinks the precautions of the authorities in Aruba are sufficient. Travelers from Aruba must be tested and screened on arrival at Hato airport.

If there is a rapid increase in the number of infections in Aruba in a short time, the border will still close. The United States is a high-risk country and Curaçao will remain closed to American air traffic for the time being.

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