Appeal to ABN Amro account holders to register

WILLEMSTAD - Consumers Interest Curaçao wants to make an inventory of the number of ABN Amro customers on the island whose bank account is being closed unintentionally. The foundation therefore calls on all victims to report to the organization

For several years now, ABN Amro has had the policy that there is no longer any place at the bank for customers outside Europe. In 2016, the first customers abroad received a letter announcing the cancelation of their account. And in the past year, the number of cancellation letters increased. This is also the case on Curaçao.

Consumers' Interests Curaçao has contacted ABN Amro about this, but received "vague answers", the foundation writes. Before the interest group acts, they first want to know how many account holders are involved.

Customers can send an email to All data is treated confidentially, the foundation emphasizes.

The interest group has announced that it has already received many reports. Because of high number, it can therefore take a while before they receive a response.

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