"APC is proud owner of Plaza Hotel, not Hans de Boer"

WILLEMSTAD - Not Hans de Boer, but the General Pension Fund Curaçao (APC) is the new owner of the Plaza Hotel. This was announced by the APC after several local news media reported that Hans de Boer, former chairman of the Dutch employers association VNO-NCW is the new owner.

The Plaza Hotel is part of APC's local investment portfolio. "Plans are being prepared to sustainably develop this beautiful location in the inner city of Curaçao, while safeguarding the character of the UNESCO World Heritage Site," APC said in the statement. According to the pension fund, the project must integrate with the city center and will add value to the tourist product of Curaçao and the cultural experience of its inhabitants.

APC is in extensive talks with the Heritage Plaza Consortium consisting of real estate experts Ab van der Wiel of the award-winning Meelfabriek project in Leiden, Realconomy Group in Rotterdam and Hans de Boer, who is very involved in Curaçao.

Ambitions and expectations are high, according to APC. The project will be developed with as much local expertise as possible.


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