Zr. Ms. Friesland intercepts 3,880 kilos of drugs in the first months of 2022

WILLEMSTAD - The Dutch naval vessel Zr. Ms. Friesland intercepted a total of 3,880 kilos of drugs. The naval vessel has been operating in the Caribbean since January 2022 and managed to stop three go-fasts in recent weeks, during which 1,900 kilograms of drugs were seized.

The first two go-fasts were discovered by a Dominican Republic and US Coast Guard patrol plane. The third boat was discovered by an American patrol plane. During the first and second catches, the people on the go-fasts had thrown the drugs overboard. The drug packages were removed from the water by the crew of the Friesland.

In total there have been seven interceptions by the Zr. Ms. Friesland in the past patrol period. In addition to carrying out drug operations, Friesland also supports the Coast Guard. In the first months of 2022, 21 people on board the intercepted boats were arrested and 3,880 kilograms of drugs were intercepted.

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