Waterfort Plaza master plan presented to government officials

WILLEMSTAD - The Waterfort Plaza Master Plan, aimed at developing the old Waterfort Plaza hotel, was formally handed over to the Minister of Traffic, Transportation, and Urban Planning (VVRP), Charles Cooper (MFK), by Evelyn Kruithof-Bor, director of the General Pension Fund (APC). Minister of Justice, Shalten Hato (MFK), represented Cooper at the handover ceremony. 

The government has described the plan as “a positive change and development for the city center of Curaçao.” However, the APC has yet to release further details about the plan. 

As part of the development initiative, the stripping of the Waterfort Plaza hotel in Punda officially began on Friday. The APC emphasized that the work is necessary to ensure the safety of the surrounding area and prevent damage to the historic Waterfort from falling debris. 

The stripping process involves removing all loose and potentially hazardous materials, such as windows, doors, balconies, furniture, ceilings, electrical wiring, and other components. 

The stripping work is expected to be completed by the end of October. The APC has not yet announced when additional details about the zoning plan for the Plaza Hotel will be shared. “The Plaza area should contribute to the livability of Punda with an attractive multifunctional program that includes housing, hospitality, culture, education, incubators, and recreation,” the APC stated in 2021. 

Residents and stakeholders are eagerly awaiting more information on how the development will transform the historic area and enhance the overall appeal of Punda.