Water and electricity rates are falling slightly on Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - The price of water and electricity will go down slightly in the coming month. The decrease is the result of lower average fuel costs for the production of electricity and lower electricity costs for the production of water, respectively.  


The price of electricity is going down by almost a cent per kilowatt-hour. In the cheapest tariff group with use up to 250-kilowatt hours, a kilowatt-hour costs 72 cents, which was 73 cents. The difference between this and the most expensive tariff group after consumption of 350-kilowatt hours is 15 cents.  




A cubic meter of water will fall by almost eight cents in the coming month. A thousand liters will cost just over 9.06 guilders in the cheapest tariff group from 1 July. Anyone who consumes more than twenty cubic meters pays 18.12 guilders per thousand liters on the additional consumption.  


The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest tariff group is 9.05 guilders per cubic meter of water, double that. 

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