Update COVID-19: Dr. Gerstenbluth says no new cases but continue complying with rules

WILLEMSTAD - According to Curaçao’s leading epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth there are no new confirmed infections. 6 people have been tested positive so far, 2 of which have now been cured. One person has died and three people still have the virus and are in isolation.

“We monitor people coming back from infected areas through spot checks and we do this more strictly especially the first week after they return,” says Dr. Gerstenbluth.

But the doctor’s message is “People, don't relax, it is going well, but we are not there yet. We must continue for a while and 'stick to' the measures: keep your distance, stay at home as far as possible. That way we can prevent the virus from getting out of hand.”

The doctor also said that nobody can get prescriptions for more than a month, even if they have a prescription for a longer time. “We want to prevent a 'run' on medications. We have limited care capacity and receive many questions about this. We are in contact with the Association of Medical Specialists so that we can maintain the usual level of care,” said Dr. Gerstenbluth.

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