Unrest at new political party Vishon

WILLEMSTAD - Things are rumbling within the new political party Vishon. It is all about one of the founders, Ishahier Monte, who was promised a high place on the candidate list.

But the carnival singer and social worker was put on a low spot, therefore a place on the list where his changes are small of getting elected a Member of Parliament. Partly because of this, a number of prominent members have canceled their support and have left the party. Party funders are now also demanding their money back.

Vishon is one of the new parties that wants to participate in the elections on March 19. Leader of the party is the well-known Miles Mercera, the former CEO of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA).

Mercera explained that the party has hired an independent expert company to be able to give an integrity assessment to all candidates on the list.

In addition, all candidates would have undergone a selection and placement interview with a "list committee". This committee was formed by two external political experts and the party leader.

Furthermore, Vishon does not rule out the possibility that professionals can be called as ministers and that not all potential ministers are on the list.

Through this procedure, which was approved in advance by all members, the candidate list was drawn up and Ishahier Monte was placed fourth instead of second as was agreed between him and Mercera.

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