Uniting for Children Foundation launches awareness campaign (press release)

WILLEMSTAD - Every year on 20th November Universal Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world.  This year, 2019, it is an extra special celebration as it will be thirty years since the signing of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

To mark this special celebration, the Uniting for Children Foundation (UFC) in close co-operation with the “Vereniging Veilig Verkeer” will be launching an awareness campaign called “Mara mi Faha”.

This campaign has been made possible by Guardian Group Fatum.

For this campaign, UFC have printed colourful bumper stickers to distribute around the island, along with a “Mara Mi Faha” jingle which can be heard on the radio during the campaign.

UFC’s goal is to emphasize every child’s right to safety, including on the road.

Far too often we witness small children unrestrained in the back of cars or standing dangerously in between the front seats.

The UFC hope to assist in driving cultural change in the Curaçao community by encouraging parents to make better choices for their children by keeping them safe in traffic.  Parents should ensure their children are wearing their seatbelt or sitting in the correct, approved child safety seat.  Through this child friendly campaign, the Uniting for Children Foundation hopes to empower children and young people to understand and fight for their rights.

The official launch for this campaign will be held at the Verkeerspark (traffic park), on the Chuchubiweg at 9.00 am on Wednesday 20th November 2019.

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