Union against sale UTS

WILLEMSTAD – The union representing the employees of the telecommunication company UTS declared in a letter to Minister Zita Jesus-Leito of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning that they feel deceived by the government. They also don’t agree with the sale of the company.

The indicated that they feel deceived because they were in no way involved with the negotiations and the decision making concerning the future of the company. They did not receive the opportunity to defend the employees and assure them of a future in the company.

The union Sitkom stated in their letter that telecommunication is extremely important worldwide especially because it is a strategic part for a government policy and should not be seen as a commercial instrument in which a small group can make money.

The other issue is that the government is selling a public company, which belongs to the people, to a foreign corporation. They will make good use of Curaçao’s strategic location in the Caribbean and South America. This is something the government should be doing and not give it to a foreigner.


The union’s letter will also be sent to the potential buyer Global Liberty Latin America so that they know that Sitkom will always fight for the rights of the employees.