‘Tres Belle’ investigation: Human trafficking / Human smuggling

WILLEMSTAD - In the night from Friday to Saturday, a multidisciplinary investigation team carried out 4 house searches, including at the Hot Chicks bar, also known as Hot Wings.

The searches followed an ongoing investigation, called Tres Belle, into human smuggling and human trafficking in and around this bar. Four suspects were arrested during the searches.

The 4 suspects were brought before the examining magistrate on Monday. In the interest of the investigation, the suspects now remain under custody for at least 8 days.

Further investigation by the multidisciplinary investigation team, led by the public prosecutor and the police, will have to show whether there has actually been human trafficking. This mainly concerns the question whether it is possible to speak of "exploitation" of the trago (drinking) ladies working at the bar.

In addition, the investigation focuses on the suspicion of human smuggling, in this case by transferring the trago ladies for profit, and in an illegal manner, to Curacao and giving them shelter there for a fee.

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