Tourist companies in Ser'i Otrobanda district under scrutiny for causing disruption

WILLEMSTAD - The presence of numerous tourist companies in the Ser'i Otrobanda district is stirring up disturbance, according to Fundashon Ser'i Otrobanda. The foundation, dedicated to advocating for the interests of local residents, has taken action by addressing this issue with a formal letter sent to all tourist companies, the tourism bureau, and the Ministry of Traffic (VVRP). 

The root of the problem lies in the escalating number of buses ferrying tourists through the narrow streets of Van Lennepstraat to access the vibrant staircases and nearby attractions. Consequently, residents are grappling with disruptions characterized by unpleasant odors and persistent noise pollution. 

Moreover, the foundation highlights a pertinent concern: the owner of the private property adjacent to the stairs has expressed a firm stance against further use of their premises by these buses. The situation has reached a point where prolonged honking by buses has become a common occurrence, particularly when tourists are returning from their visits. 

"Residents and visitors alike are vocal about their grievances regarding this matter," the foundation's letter asserts. Notably, patrons of local establishments such as Maira’s Kitchen and Kas di Laman on Hoogstraat have been consistent in lodging complaints with the proprietors and even voicing their discontent in online reviews. 

Additionally, Fundashon Ser'i Otrobanda emphasizes that the existing infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle the surge in traffic stemming from these large buses, exacerbating the situation further. As the district grapples with these challenges, residents and stakeholders await proactive measures to mitigate the disruptions caused by tourism activities in the area.