Top Dutch official repays part compensation

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - Top official Henk Brons repays part of the foreign compensation that he received while he held a position in the Netherlands and lived there. The Government's financial watchdog concludes that, in the case of Brons, the Ministry of the Interior concerned did not properly monitor the entire course of events. The official himself is not to be blamed.

The Dutch Minister of the Interior Kajsa Ollongren promises improvement and takes over all recommendations from the Audit Office, she reports to the House of Representatives. She says that she has "deeply" regretted the shortcomings.


Brons has represented the Netherlands in Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao for two and a half years from 2015 onwards. Because he was stationed here, he received a compensation of more than 41,000 euros. But the senior civil servant had a job at the ministry in The Hague in the last nine months and moved back to the Netherlands before that.

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