Thousands of tax returns received, but delays loom due to incomplete aggregate wage statements

WILLEMSTAD - The tax authorities are busy preparing for the processing of income tax returns for the year 2022. Already, 10,000 returns have been filed, but there is a risk of delay. This potential delay is caused by employers who have not yet submitted their aggregate wage statements. 


An aggregate wage statement is an overview that employers keep and submit to the tax authorities. This overview contains information about wages and other financial aspects that are relevant to the tax returns of their employees. 


The aggregate wage statement helps the tax authorities to verify whether the correct tax amounts have been withheld and paid. It also helps ensure accurate processing of individual tax returns for employees. 




Thursday, June 1st, was the deadline for submitting these aggregate wage statements. However, the tax authorities have informed that many employers have not yet submitted them. This negligence can result in delays in the payment of refunds to employees. 


In case of issues with submitting the aggregate wage statement, such as the absence of mandatory employee crib numbers, employers can seek assistance from the tax authorities. 


The tax authorities emphasize the seriousness of the situation and indicate that reminders will be issued. If the aggregate wage statement is ultimately not submitted, fines will be imposed.