The Walk of Curaçao, the first international 3-day walking event

WILLEMSTAD - The first international 3-day walking event The Walk of Curaçao will take place from Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June. It is organized by Rensley Victoria and Olympian Liemarvin Bonevacia is the event's ambassador.

Rensley Victoria, better known as the International Walking Billboard of Curaçao, has developed a walking program to prepare himself well for the Dutch "Four Days Marches" in Nijmegen. As a result of this, the idea grew to organize a solid event on Curaçao.

The Walk of Curaçao is aimed at promoting hiking and a healthy lifestyle in general among the residents of Curaçao, but it also focus on attracting sports tourism. "We strive to offer our walkers an ultimate walking experience and hope that they will feel connected to the nature, people and culture of Curaçao while walking," said Rensley Victoria.

“It's no secret that Curaçao faces various social and economic challenges and The Walk of Curaçao would like to contribute to the positive development of our community. Our ultimate goal is to promote the social, physical and mental well-being of people from all walks of life, locally and internationally, and to bring people closer together through this event.”

For more information about The Walk of Curaçao or registration visit the website:

Photo credit: Manon Hoefman

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