The Coast Guard and Defense will monitor the coastline even more intensively

When observing suspicious situations at sea, call 913

WILLEMSTAD - Last week, the Coast Guard Rescue and Coordination Center received several reports of attempts to sail illegally from Venezuela to the ABC islands. A boat was recently intercepted before it could reach the islands, and another boat is thought to have sunk in Venezuelan waters. The Venezuelan Coast Guard and the Caribbean Coast Guard have organized a search in response to this incident. Unfortunately, without a positive result.

It is known that the boats used for these crossings are, almost without exception, not seaworthy and that those on board take a serious risk. Too many people are often taken on board and there are no or insufficient safety equipment on board. The Coast Guard therefore warns people not to start this trip.

National borders are currently closed due to measures to curb the coronavirus. Therefore, traffic to the island is prohibited. That is why the Coast Guard has taken extra measures and will be monitoring the coastline even more intensively in the coming period.

The Coastguard also requests the assistance of all citizens who observe suspicious situations at sea and the coastlines, to call 913. Vessels at sea can contact the Coastguard Rescue and Coordination Center via VHF channel 16 when they observe suspicious and / or dangerous situations. With your cooperation, we keep the sea and the coastlines of the island safe.

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