Tayer Sosial employees want their money

WILLEMSTAD - Employees of Tayer Sosial Sta. Martha (social workplace) again expressed their dissatisfaction with the way they are being treated. They haven’t received their salaries yet. It's not the first time this has happened. It can almost be said that with every change of government there is yet another attempt by the employees to get what they are entitled to.

It seems that several agreements have already been made, but to date the company has not complied with them once. ABVO union has been dealing with the issue for some time and Kenneth Bremer, who is dealing with this specific case, reports that it is going wrong again.

About a week ago, the employees should have received money that was unlawfully withheld under Director Mr. Cristina's policy, but to date the group of employees has not received anything. According to Bremer, it should not be forgotten that this also concerns fathers and mothers who are responsible for the care of their family and expenses.


Every time something is promised, but every promise is broken, according to Bremer and the employees. Now it is uncertain whether the employees will receive their money at all.

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