Suspensions and appointment of committee after 21 undocumented migrants escaped from barracks

WILLEMSTAD - The escape of 21 undocumented migrants from the barracks at prison Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon Korsou, SDKK is unacceptable for Justice Minister Quincy Girigorie.

In such terms, the minister expressed himself during a press conference he called as a result of the incident.

It was already clear to him that there are all kinds of issues with the procedures and that there are rotten apples among the staff. Girigory's answer to that is now to appoint a committee to issue a report with details of where the problems lie in prison. In four weeks, it should be on the desk of the minister. Plans for its creation were already prepared, according to Girigorie.

Last week's incident has accelerated that process. In the meantime, several employees have been denied access to the workplace. And an investigation has been started into how this could have happened.

The atmosphere inside the prison was initially one of anger, said prison director Urny Floran. The guards felt that their reputation had once again suffered a significant dent.

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