Surf for the Roses a great success

WILLEMSTAD - As many as 41 participants were at the start on Sunday morning at the coast of Klein Curacao. Kitesurfers, windsurfers and wind foilers ventured across from the uninhabited island to Curaçao. A trip of about three hours, ending in Mambo Beach. They all had one goal: persevere and finish. For a good cause, against cancer.  


Laura Goense (38), one of the participants in the kitesurfing discipline, spoke with the reporter of the Dutch news site that she was tense. "The North Sea, where you have the beach at your side, cannot be compared to this large area of open sea. And then the wind force they expect, which causes high waves. It will be heavy." Goense was one of the first to enter Mambo Beach.  


With a wind force of about 20 knots, it was a tough job for all participants to keep concentration, use strength and save here and there for 30 kilometers. Of the 41 participants, about a third had to stop. Reasons for this were fatigue, or equipment that broke.  


This also happened to Jurrijn van Till (15). "I wanted to test how good I was at windsurfing. Not good enough, even though I've been doing it for a long time." says Van Till. "I was confident beforehand, but when the mast of my windsurf sail hit my head with a bang, it was over." Van Till was taken out of the water by Citro and then transferred to a Irie Tours boat.  


All participants have received training and briefings with necessary information in advance. The Coast Guard was present by boat and helicopter to ensure the safety of the surfers. Surf for the Roses looks back on a successful edition. In addition to Surf for the Roses, the disciplines Ride (cycling), Walk (walking/running) and Swim (swimming) also took place today. The turnout was large, according to the organization. 


By Irene Spoelstra 

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