Still no date for reopening borders with Venezuela

WILLEMSTAD - There is still no concrete date for reopening the borders with Venezuela. This is reported by the Curaçao government. There have been three official consultations between Aruba, Curaçao, the Netherlands, and Venezuela. Venezuela closed its borders with Aruba and Curaçao in February 2019. 



Employees of the Customs and Immigration Service and the Aviation and Maritime Authorities were also present during the talks at the Acoya Curaçao Resort. For Curaçao the Directorate of Foreign Relations was present and for Aruba the Aruban equivalent, Customs, Civil Aviation Service DCA, Directorate of Shipping, and a representative of the Aruban government were present.  


According to Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas, the intention is that the borders will soon open for Venezuelan fruit and vegetable boats. He previously clarified that reopening the borders to boats with fresh produce was not only important to reduce the high cost of food, but also crucial to restore air traffic with Venezuela so that people can travel back to their country.  


It is not known when the next meeting will take place. 

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