"Situation CMC is serious, but not hopeless"

WILLEMSTAD - Medical director of the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) Ingemar Merkies announced during a special government press conference on Monday that the situation within the CMC is "serious". But according to Merkies, every patient receives the right care.

There is an increase in the number of IC rooms and the number of hospital rooms reserved for Covid-19 patients. According to the medical director, there are now more than 30 rooms available that can be used for new corona patients. There is also room in intensive care. Merkies indicated that a lot of work is now being done to transfer patients to the SEHOS, which is the old hospital. In addition, the first doctors and nurses came from America and the Netherlands.

Several Curaçao corona patients have been transferred to Aruba and the Bonaire corona patient flew back to their island. “That is how we manage until now,” Merkies indicated. The situation nevertheless remains precarious. He thanked the Netherlands, Aruba and Bonaire for the good cooperation in these difficult times.

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