Several undocumented migrants arrested

WILLEMSTAD - Last Friday night the RCC of the Coast Guard detected a vessel on the radar that sailed on the south side of Curaçao. The RCC then immediately requested assistance from Customs. The coast guard helicopter was also dispatched to the location. On the radar it was seen that the vessel, after a while, fled south again after it had landed.

A Metal Shark was also dispatched to intercept the yola with the task to arrest the human smuggling captain. Customs arrested 6 undocumented migrants on land, of which 3 men and 3 women. One of the people arrested said that they had engine trouble along the way, with both engines failing. The captain had succeeded in getting one engine working so that they could sail on slowly. Due to the engine trouble they took about 12 hours to reach the island.

These people who venture the dangerous journeys from Venezuela to the ABC Islands pay hundreds of dollars to make the crossing. The crossing is done in boats that are often not seaworthy and where usually too many people are taken on board. All 7 arrested persons were transferred to the police for further investigation.