Seventh COVID-19 related death

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao registered its seventh COVID-19 related death. It concerns a man at the nursing home Betèsda located in the Piscadera area. Natasha Rog, head of medical service at Betèsda, reports this in response to questions from Curaçao Chronicle. It concerns an elderly man who developed complaints in mid-November and then tested positive for COVID-19.

The man had some other physical complications in addition to the COVID-19 virus. All residents were then tested and quarantined, the rest received a negative test result. There are still two employees who are infected, they are in isolation at home. Furthermore, according to Rog, Betèsda is now "COVID-19 free".

Rog indicates that the reports about healthcare workers who have to come to work despite a COVID-19 infection are incorrect: “This would only apply if we end up in a calamity. It is not the case now, if this happens it will also be in full protective clothing.”

Rog did not indicate how the man got infected with the virus.

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