Seú (harvest) parade proceeds smoothly with minimal disruptions

WILLEMSTAD - The Seú parade unfolded seamlessly on Monday, with few disruptions reported. According to a spokesperson for the police, the event proceeded without major incidents, although a handful of arrests were made. Law enforcement officials detained three individuals on Monday in connection with altercations that occurred during the festivities. Among those apprehended were two men and one woman. Following their arrest, they were presented before a prosecutor, who subsequently released them pending further investigation. Authorities are currently continuing their inquiries into the matter. 

A total of thirty-nine groups enthusiastically participated in the parade, showcasing vibrant traditional attire as they danced through the streets. Meanwhile, anticipation mounts for the upcoming Seú parade scheduled to take place in Banda’bou on April 14th. 

"Seú is a parade that draws participants of all ages, and it's not uncommon for individuals with pre-existing health conditions to feel unwell during the march," explained the police spokesperson to the website. Emergency services were called upon multiple times throughout the event to assist individuals who experienced discomfort, possibly due to factors such as the heat or elevated blood pressure.