Selikor: More than 97 thousand kilos of waste after during carnival

WILLEMSTAD - After the several parades of the Curaçao carnival, the waste processing company Selikor collected 97,243 kilos of garbage. Compared to 2018, this is 13 percent more waste (2018: 86,050 kilos).

11,160 kilos were collected after the Children's Carnival, 11,670 kilos from the Teenage Parade, the Bándabou parade yielded 4,500 kilos,

"Zongo" party, the night before the big parade left 1,060 kilos, the big parade on Sunday 27,468 kilos, the farewell parade of the children 8,932 kilos and the adult farewell parade 25,273 kilos. After the carnival, when all scaffolds were removed, another 7,180 kilos of garbage were collected.


The government company is positive about the cooperation of all those who participated in helping to keep the streets clean and tidy. Selikor, for example, has handed out garbage bags. Young people have helped by handing out these bags.

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