Seadoo driver in trouble

WILLEMSTAD - At around 6:10 PM on Tuesday evening, January 12, a report came in at the Coast Guard Rescue & Coordination Center (RCC) of a bystander who saw a person fall off his seadoo into the sea and that the person could no longer reach his seadoo. This happened about 500 meters from the coast at Zanzibar. At that time a coast guard patrol was at Spanish Water and immediately went to the location to provide assistance. Upon arrival, the Metal Shark Coast Guard crew saw that the person, a man, had already been taken out of the water by the driver of another seadoo. The coast guard patrol then brought the seadoo to Palapa beach.

Although the person indicated that he was feeling well, the commander of the Metal Shark called an ambulance as the person had swallowed water.

The man (32 years old) was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. There the doctors found that there was too little oxygen in his blood.

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