Royal visit to Brionplein and Otrobanda focused children, sports and music

WILLEMSTAD - His Majesty the King's visit to Brionplein today was all about children and sports. The king gave the starting shot for registration for the King's Games and the children from primary education took part in sports competitions on the square.  



On the square, the party had to deal with an incident when a hose came loose from a gas bottle and hit the leg of Prime Minister Pisas. A lady in a wheelchair suffered a thumb injury. Fortunately, the first aiders present acted quickly and no one was seriously injured.  


After the sports activities, the royal family visited the Otrobanda district, where they talked to residents, met artists and watched musical performances. There was a performance by Harry Moen, the well-known music teacher of Otrobanda 


After the visit to Otrobanda, a lunch with Curaçao authorities will follow in the Government Palace.