"Refusing conditions of the Netherlands has consequences"

WILLEMSTAD - More than 330 million guilders are needed for the coming months. This was made clear by Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath during yesterday’s press conference.

Due to the plan not to accept the conditions of the Netherlands on Friday, Curaçao has to solve this on its own. These options are now being looked at: the government wants to see whether they can borrow elsewhere. They have previously submitted this plan to the Financial Supervision Board (CFT), but they have not responded.

Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath acknowledges that the decision could have more implications. According to the growth agreement, for example, 10 million guilders would be made available for the digitization of education, but this money is not there.

The plans for the mangrove park in Otrabanda also seem to fall into the water. This is because the budget has been significantly adjusted by the COVID-19 crisis and there is much less tax. This cannot be accommodated without emergency support from the Netherlands.

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