Prime Minister Rhuggenaath: “We will be successful in finding a new operator for the refinery”

WILLEMSTAD - According to the Prime Minister of Curaçao Eugene Rhuggenaath, the success, once everything is successful, is a success for Curaçao. The premier was referring to the process of finding a new operator for the refinery. “I have my responsibility as a minister, but this is something we can only achieve together. And that's why that focus is so important, that's why it's important to stay in dialogue and keep working together, because we only have one goal. And that goal and mandate has just been explained, that is to keep the refinery open,” said the Premier during a presentation in parliament today.

The Prime Minister says that his government must ensure continuity. Even those who believe it is best for the environment to close the refinery immediately. “Think carefully about what this would mean for employees and their families. Think carefully about what this means for our economy and what this means for generating foreign exchange ... but the future partner will have to invest in a greener future for the refinery.

“RdK, PMO and our officials who do this ... good people, these are all our people. This is also important to realize. In addition to all the cooperation of international experts, we have made use of all the help within our reach, even the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and our ambassadors around the world. Everyone helped when they were called upon. But the success of the work being done is our own people. And they all have one goal and no hidden agendas. There is 1 agenda: make sure that the refinery remains open,” said the Prime Minister.

Rhuggenaath ended by stating that he is sure that if the negotiating teams can maintain their focus and if they can negotiate properly, as he knows they can, with the companies that have submitted a specific offer, then they will be successful.

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