President of Parliament accused The Hague of lack of respect for Caribbean partners

PHILIPSBURG – President of the Parliament of Curaçao William Millerson calls it 'incomprehensible' that within the Kingdom after several years of joint history there is still a serious lack of respect, trust and solidarity for the partners in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

That is what Millerson said at the opening of the interparliamentary Kingdom Council, Ipko yesterday in Sint Maarten. According to Millerson, several things must be significantly different. He mentions, among other things, the proposal for a new dispute resolution arrangement that totally does not meet the wishes of the four parliaments. He also rejects the plan of the mayor of Leeuwarden to discourage prospective Antilleans from settling in the municipality.

In addition, he says that from the European part of the Kingdom there is little understanding of the daily reality that the arrival of many Venezuelans brings about on Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. These problems manifest themselves in public health, education, unemployment, crime and prostitution, according to Millerson.

Because of the small scale of the communities, a very negative effect of this migratory flow is going on. He asks for more understanding and insight from the partners in the European part of the Kingdom.


Photo credit: Nico van der Ven

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