Premier: “Cooperation and budgetary instruction do not go together”

WILLEMSTAD - During a meeting in parliament about the financial situation of Curaçao, Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath again emphasized yesterday evening that he regretted that the Netherlands wanted to impose a budgetary instruction in Curaçao.

The two countries were about to sign a cooperation agreement. Curaçao has canceled that. Rhuggenaath said yesterday that the Netherlands wants both an instruction and a cooperation agreement. But according to him, the two cannot be combined.

Yesterday, the Curaçao parliament unanimously adopted a motion against the possible imposition of an instruction. According to the parliament, an instruction would be very detrimental to Curaçao and also irresponsible because of the already bad economic situation. Parliament wants the government to inform its partners in the Kingdom of the undesirability of an instruction.

If that budgetary instruction is nevertheless made, the parliament no longer considers the Financial Supervision Act to be valid for Curaçao and will set up its own Budget Chamber.

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